Winter School 2018 – Theme & registration

Winter School – Cresson – 6th edition

Sonic Transect :
Questioning the territories of energy by sound

From comfort to ambiences in inhabited spaces



From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January 2018


Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble
60 Avenue de Constantine, CS 12636, 38036 Grenoble CEDEX 2
Tel : +33 (0)4 76 69 83 36

Targeted public

The winter school is open to a maximum of 25 participants.

Candidate profile:

Architects, urban designers, artists, journalists, researchers, students – notably coming from Grenoble School of Architecture (Master degree and PhD students, etc.), Institute of urban design and Alpine geography (Master of Urban Design and International Cooperation in Urban Planning), Grenoble School of Art and Design and Graduate School of Art Annecy Alps.


Questioning the notion of comfort in the urban environment focuses attention on our relationship with the inhabited spaces. In this thematic school, the notion of comfort will be investigated in the so-called “innovative” districts targeting energy transition, as is the case of the Presqu’Île in Grenoble. By identifying the various amenities of the territory, and by capturing what reveals the standardized comfort (seeking a homogenization of sensation) and what reveals the sensory comfort (searching, on the contrary, a variation of sensation), this will open a new reflection that questions the relationship between a sensory diagnosis capable of carrying prospective design intentions and an urban development model that is still evolving.

In order to approach this territory of energy and the notion of comfort by sound, the workshop proposes a pedestrian exploration along a predefined path (method of urban transect). Following principally the water network crossing the Presqu’Île, the chosen itinerary traverse’s underground spaces, riverbanks, spaces under construction and massively monitored closed spaces such as “GreEn-ER”. This primary immersive experience will enable participants to discover the distinctive sono-spatial typology of the site.

The approach proposed to the participants will be elaborated by a set of methods, both qualitative and quantitative, which will be regrouped in order to consider the notion of comfort in a wider perspective. After the experience in situ which helps distinguishing the different sonic characteristics of the site, participants are invited to manipulate sound dimension by means of various methods developed at Cresson-AAU: sound recordings, interviews, parametric sound modeling… This combining of immersive sensory dimensions with the subsequent phase of analysis and evaluation bridges the different manifestations of comfort and thus help developing a more holistic vision on this notion.


Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble, on the main topic of the winter school.

Ignacio Requena-Ruiz. His research focuses on the technical, cultural and sensory dimensions of climate in architecture from modern times to the present day.

(Conference in English with support in French)

Final presentations and evaluation

At the end of the workshop, time will be dedicated to present the undertaken work of participants. This moment of exchange and debate aims to explore (at least) the following three questions:

  • How to pass from a situated sound perception to representation as a means of sharing this sound dimension?
  • What are the sound particularities of the Presqu’Île as a territory of energy?
  • Based on the above-mentioned representation, how can we elaborate a sensory diagnosis that can develop specific orientations for the future design of this territory?

Participants will be invited to present their work, choose the proper modes of presentation, which seem appropriate, and situate sounds on a map of the study area. We can imagine, therefore, that a collective presentation of the sound environment along the water network will be progressively shaped and constructed by the contributions and the narration of each participant.

Ideally, the final presentations will take place in Grenoble INP – located at the center of the Presqu’Île – and will be followed by a public debate. In addition to participants and speakers of the winter school, this moment of exchange will be open to the public: inhabitants, employers and other people wishing to exchange knowledge about the sound perception of their district.

After the end of Winter School, the sound productions will be exposed and documented on the bilingual website of the International Ambiances Network and the blog Le Cresson enseigne. Furthermore, the undertaken work can be integrated into the Cartophonies website.

Registration :

Please download the registration form and send it back to before december 25th 2017.
Registration form in Docx
Registration form in PDF

Registration fee :

– Professionnals :        300 €
– Jobless  :                  100 €
– Students :                  0 € (on presentation of the student card)

Organisation :

Sylvie LAROCHE (

Partners :

UMR Ambiances Architectures Urbanités
IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes
ENSA de Grenoble
Réseau International Ambiances

Winter School 2018 partners

Winter School 2018 partners

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