Winter School 2019 – Theme & registration

Winter School CRESSON – 7th edition

Hark ! CRESSON is 40

Place:Grenoble School of Architecture
Date:28/01-01/02  2019
Participants (25): Anyone interested by sound environmentissues. The CRESSON’s winter school is open to academics, professionals, artists and students…

The objective of this winter school is to propose, over a week, a program both theoretical & practical on listening, research and design of the sound environment. In 2019, CRESSON, research team of “Ambiances, Architectures, Urbanities” laboratory, will celebrate its fourty years of existence. This is the opportunity, to return to the elements that founded this team and which, today, continue to feed researches on sonic ambiances.

 “Hark! Cresson is 40” or “pay attention,listen carefully, Cresson is 40” is the tonality we want to give this year for the winter school program. We will return to the founding notions of the team and show how they have helped researchers to update ways ofthinking, designing and building the living environment.

The winter school program alternates a series of conference-meetings with field work. This allows the participants to consolidate their theoretical knowledge by improving their own field practice: The methodological apparatus of the CRESSON will then be mobilized by the participants(work in small groups) with the objective to produce and show of a final production at the end of the week. (see the program and the productions of the previous years online here).

The site of Villeneuve, where the National School ofArchitecture of Grenoble and the CRESSON are located, will be the field of experimentation of the participants. This district is an undeniable memory of the team and its early works. Since the last years, it has been the subject of a major urban renewal project that modifies and will also modify its soundscape. It is a perfect field work to combine memory and prospective.


This edition will witness CRESSON problematics evolution around the sound studies and will alternate master classes and practical field works. In details, contents proposed are shortly described below:

Introductive master class will be dedicated to CRESSON history of research and will try to show how researchers are trying to “pay attention” to sound issues: Hark! Cresson is 40.

Then, several master classes during the week will be organized on the following topics:

  • Sound notions and Ambiances
    • Sonic effects
    • Ambiance, Environment, Milieu and Soundscape – redifinitions
    • Ambiance in perspective / the perspective of Ambiances
  • From listenings and investigations to the project
    • Methodologies for exploring the sensory & sound experience: from the posture to the tool
    • Soundspaces in projects
  • Give to see andgive to listen sounds
    • From Listening to sound productions
    • The sound and its representations

Two Finnish researchers, Heikki Uimonen (Philosopher, Professor, University of Arts, Helsinki) and Meri Kytö, (Ethnomusicologist, Researcher, University of Tampere, Faculty of Communication Sciences) will be our guests of honor. Witnesses for the whole week, they will also offering their look on 40 years of research on sonic ambiances.

Public events

Monday evening (28/1): presentation of the project “Süden Radio” on listening practices and hospitality by radio Papesseand results of the 2019 contest.

Monday evening (28/1): presentation of the project “Süden Radio” on listening practices and hospitality by radio Papesse and results of the 2019 contest.

Wednesday (30/01) An aperitif/open discussion with topic “From Ambiances to sound studies”.

Thursday (31/01) A conference in “sequences d’architecture” of ENSAG, where Heikki Uimonen & Meri Kytö will present their book “Transforming finnish Soundscapes” (book written with the participation of Kaisa Ruohonen), for which they received the prize for the best book of the year 2017 by the University Press of Tampere, Finland.

Registration procedure

To apply for this winter school, please send an e-mail to: before December 31 2018 accompanied by  :

Registration fees 

• Professionals, teachers, researchers: 300 euros
• PhD students outside ENSAG and partnerinstitutions: 100 euros
• Staff, students, PhD students ENSAG and partner institutions: free
• Jobseekers: free

General chair

Théa Manola, Researcher at CRESSON/AAU & teacher at ENSA Grenoble
Théo Marchal, Phd Student at CRESSON & associated teacher at ENSA Grenoble
Nicolas Rémy, Researcher at CRESSON/AAU & teacher at Thessaly University, Volos (Greece)


CRESSON, AAU Ambiances Architectures Urbanités
This 7th edition of the WS is part of the events for 40th anniversary of the team CRESSON


ComUE Université Grenoble Alpes
ENSA Grenoble
Réseau International Ambiances


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