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CRESSON’s Winter School – 3rd edition
Representations of Sonic Urban Environment

CRESSON’s laboratory. This 3rd edition is organised by Laure Brayer et Sylvie Laroche (CRESSON’s researchers)

From Monday the 26th to Friday the 30th of January 2015

19th december 2014

National School of Architecture of Grenoble. 60, Avenue de Constantine. Grenoble. France
tel : +33 (0)4 76 69 83 36
Plan d’accès

Representing the sonic dimension of our urban environment allows us to focus our attention on this second (yet essential) sensitive modality of ordinary experience. By raising sonic qualities of a territory, representing the sounds of the city opens the question of a sensitive diagnostic able to support design intents for urban development. In this operational perspective, representing the sound also makes it possible to share and debate about the representations of different people that a project of urban transformation sensible to perceptions and practices must take into account.

Description and notation, schematic, filmic and cartographic representations are tools and techniques to identify and translate the urban soundscape that this winter school proposes to investigate. Building on research works that Cresson Laboratory has developed since its beginning, this week of training will be organized around theoretical and methodological contributions about modes of representation and the imaginary dimension linked to sonic environment.

These courses will be articulated to a practical workshop in which we will represent our in situ sonic perception and we will identify sonic situations of an urban territory in mutation.
From a walking exploration of one district of Grenoble (administrative district of Dode sector until the river and the old cemetery), participants will be invited to identify and represent the sonic characteristics of urban public spaces.
At the end of the workshop, we will think about the impact of identifying sonic qualities of a territory in the formulation of design intents.

Françoise Acquier, Laure Brayer, Grégoire Chelkoff, Julien Delas, Sylvie Laroche, Julien McOisans, Anthony Pecqueux, Pascaline Thiollière, Henry Torgue et Pascal Amphoux.

A public conference will be held at the National School of Architecture of Grenoble by Cécile Régnault about the Visual Representations of Sonic Phenomena.

This week of training will be in French language.

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