Transforming Soundscapes in Finland

by Meri Kytö + Heikki Uimonen

Muuttuvat suomalaiset äänimaisemat (“Transforming Finnish Soundscapes”, eds Heikki Uimonen, Meri Kytö & Kaisa Ruohonen) is a research project and a book: a collection of research essays and texts that study the sonic environment and how it is experienced.

This lecture presents the multidisciplinary soundscapes studies of the book. Soundscapes related to time, place and the everyday shape our perception of the present and the past. Sounds can be pleasant and beautiful, pacing the day or year, annoying, boring and everything in between.

The theme of transforming soundscapes combines the research essays in the publication. The essays draw from various disciplines and methodologies: media studies, anthropological field work and sensory observation, textual analysis and close reading, folkloristics, archeoacoustics and music studies. In turn, the texts gathered via a writing competition show how sounds can be listened to both analytically and aesthetically, connecting them to local, national and transnational cultures and histories pondering what sounds mean to the listeners and how they influence the soundscape they live in.

The lecture also presents the forthcoming four-year project ACMESOCS – Auditory Culture, Mediated Sounds and Constructed Spaces and its challenges in researching music in historical and mediated urban environments.

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