Winter School 2022 – Theme & Registration

Sound spaces in waiting

For the second consecutive year, the WinterSchool organised by the CRESSON team of the AAU laboratory will host the B-AIR project and continue the reflection carried out in 2021 around the general theme of listening vulnerabilities.
« Listening to the world » can be seen today as a posture of scaling facing the usual frames of reference and allows us to pay more attention to vulnerabilities: how does the world sound to our ears? How does it sound when we are children? How does it sound when our bodies suffer and age? How does it sound when our senses or our beings are « different »?
To answer these questions, in 2021 we explored the theme of the vulnerability of listening and showed that it can be broken down into three interdependent dimensions: environmental, social and spatial vulnerabilities.

This year, the 2022 edition proposes to the participants to think more precisely about the cultural and spatial dimensions of the perception of ambiences by working on « sound spaces in waiting »: architects, urban planners, artists, designers, but also inhabitants, we conceive and occupy the public spaces of our cities and the landscaped space is often the place of various sound practices: words, musical listening, sports practices, walking, stay, meetings, etc. How can we design public space and its furniture to be less vulnerable? How can a public bench become a waiting sound space, ready to be activated by an individual (a hearing impaired person, a group, a child, etc.)? How can these urban objects be designed and constructed to provide multiple, sensitive and multicultural listening experiences? What kind of « sound spaces in waiting » can be designed and built to give or bring attention to the vulnerabilities and pluralities of uses and spaces?


The CRESSON WinterSchool will take place in parallel at the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Grenoble, and and at the Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic school of the University of Thessaly in Volos (Greece).
It will take place from Monday 17 to friday 21 January 2022. The mornings will be dedicated to theoretical presentations (in English) and the afternoons (in French and Greek depending on the site) will be dedicated to the design and construction of a series of body-scale prototypes to think and experiment with these sound spaces in waiting.

Working languages: English / French / Greek

(Detailed programm will follow soon on ehas.hypothè

Registration & fee

Registration is now open. 
Students, teachers, researchers, decision-makers, architects, artists, urban planners, sociologists, sound recorders, young or “less young” professionals … and anyone interested in sound are welcome to participate in.

For that please download the: Registration_form_2022

and send it back to

before the 10th of january

inscription fees = free
(because supported by Creative European Programme of the EU)

Some of the theoretical contents will be accessible in streaming without registration – please indicate if you wish to participate only in the theoritical seminars and not in the construction workshop.
The participation to the workshop is on the other hand conditioned by your registration: « physical » places are limited to 2×20 students (20 in Grenoble and 20 in Volos).

Participation in this year’s workshop is conditioned by the respect of the sanitary rules which will be valid in January 2020 at the time of the workshop in Grenoble (France) and in Volos (Greece)
The organisers reserve the right to offer the whole workshop online if the health regulations force the universities to lockdown again.


Théo Marchal & Sébastien Depertat (Grenoble)
Nicolas Rémy, Evangelia Paxinou and Dimitris Psychogios (Volos)

Françoise Acquier, David Argoud, Grégoire Chelkoff, Giuseppe Gavazza, Laureen Gomez, juL McOisans, Dana Papachristou, Cédric Pichat, Georges Samantas, Jean Paul Thibaud, Nicolas Tixier, TwixTlab, ( … )

Cet événement est financé par le projet “B-AIR Art Infinity Radio“, l’un des projets lauréats de l’appel européen du programme Culture de l’Agence européenne pour la culture, l’éducation et la création (EACEA).


Cover picture: « Pièce d’écoute » Winterschool 2020 – photo by Laureen Gomez


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