Winter school 2017 registrations


ws2017_imageflyTaking part of the « Week of sound », an annual event that helps discovering the societal stakes of sound, CRESSON laboratory organises the 5th edition of its winterschool on sonic ambiences at the Graduate School of Architecture in Grenoble.

Date : From Monday, january 30th till Friday 3rd, 2017


This one-week intensive training, aiming to share the knowledge and the know-how of Cresson laboratory research team in the field of sound, is held, this year, under the theme:

Sketching sonic ambiences: towers and courtyards in dense urban context

(organized by Noha Gamal Saïd & Théo Marchal)

Dense urban form proposes a specific architectural language in which aspects such as building heights, shared spaces or more generally the question of interfaces play an important role in constituting ordinary listening and changing sound practices. Providing a dynamic relation to the surrounding, varying from ground to sky, from near to far or from intimacy to exposure, the dense habitat brings out remarkable listening situations: bird-eye listening, immersion, enclosure, panoramic soundscape, dual listening, acoustic exposure or recess.

What potentials can this density offer to residents and inhabitants in terms of sonic qualities? In this winter school, we will work on the pairing space-sound focusing on two archetypal dense urban forms: towers and courtyards, defining therefore protrusions and hollows. The interfaces located at the articulation between private and public spaces, such as balconies, loggias, corridors and landings, form shared sound spaces. They are as much configured by the sound qualities of the street as they themselves configure the sound qualities of the latter. It is in this reciprocal exchange that we shall consider these liminal spaces, in the way that they redraw new acoustic arenas and negotiate their intimacy with public spaces.

In dialogue with the existing environment, we will sketch sound atmospheres based on “Esquis’Sons”, a tool developed at CRESSON This tool allows for auralization in real time of different audio-spatial interventions scenarios through varying certain parameters such as spatial configurations, locations and type of sound sources or listening points. By associating in situ sound recordings, representations, manipulations and sketches, the intension is to explore sounds in order to create an atmosphere.

Material Conditions
Cresson provides to the participants the necessary materials for sound recordings and treatment. The sound studio and other specific recordings equipments are provided and can be used during workshops. In addition, participant can enjoy a privileged access to Cresson documentation center.
However, for assuring comfortable and flexible conditions, each one is invited to use his own computer and other sound equipments. Thanks for indicating your personal equipment in the registration form.

Conditions of registration
Registration fees are set at 300 € TTC for professionals, 100 € for jobless people & free access for students upon presentation of a valid student card.
The Winter School is open to a maximum of 25 persons.

To register, please complete the registration form fiche_d_inscription_2017
and send it with your CV (pdf format) to:
Deadline for registration: January 1st, 2017.
Selected candidates will be notified at the early beginning of january 2017


Address : Graduate School of architecture of Grenoble
60, avenue de Constantine, BP2636, GRENOBLE CEDEX 2 tel : +33 (0)4 76 69 83 36.
Access map

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